The Ballina fishermen’s co-operative

Is a local company which deals in the processing and marketing of fresh seafood from local catch.
The Co-op consists of, and is owned by its 26 members who are all independent professionally licenced fishermen. To maintain membership they must turn over through the co-ops financial books, a minimum amount of their catch per annum.
The benefit of being a member is the use of the co-op’s facilities, such as cool room and freezer space, ice making facilities, weighing in facilities, accounts and book keeping facilities, and its value as a sales tool for their product.
The co-op deals in the business of seafood receival, wholesale, internal sales, retail sales, filleting and processing.  It carries a range of store room goods which are relevant to the fishing industry and are available for sale to the members at discount price, alleviating the need for them to outsource and pay retail price.
There is freezer space for the members use for storing bait, fuel bowsers on site and at the harbour for public and members convenience.  We manage the local boat harbour, servicing the needs of public and fishermen alike, handle mooring rentals and applicable fees.  The organisations main objective is to get the best possible seafood sale price for the local Ballina fishermen, which is reflected in their weekly pay check.
Any profits generated by the co-op’s day to day running are returned to the members as yearly dividends.

For up-to the minute information on the catch 

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